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Join eXp Realty today! eXp Realty is among the fastest growing national real estate firms, and certainly the most innovative. By combining green, paperless and virtual technology with cutting edge web-based and social media marketing techniques, eXp Realty is leading the charge in an industry-wide revolution.

By eschewing the expense and constraints of traditional offices and unnecessarily complex corporate hierarchies, eXp Realty is not only lowering the cost to its agents, but actively redistributing company income via a one-of-a-kind revenue share program.

Add to that the unprecedented training and support available via the eXp Realty virtual office environment, and it is no wonder that real estate professionals across the country are flocking to join its rapidly growing ranks.

Check out the eXp Realty overview here, then take a look at the following articles for more details about career opportunities at eXp Realty.

About eXp Realty, the Future of Real Estate

eXp Realty is Leading the Way with the Most Powerful Online Marketing, Green Business Practices, and Virtual Technology

eXp Realty is a National real estate brokerage with an innovative business environment for collaborating, supporting agents with their listings and transactions, and an ecosystem for social interaction in and outside of the organization.

eXp Realty launched in the fall of 2009 as a leader in real estate technology and agent compensation, leaving behind the traditional brick and mortar business model and moving toward a true virtual community, with the goal of keeping agents in contact with the best innovators, ideas and technology from around the world. Continue reading →

Top 12 Reasons Agents are Joining eXp Realty

eXp Realty is continuing to grow. As of October 2010, we’re now active in 11 States, with more on the way. eXp Realty is turning the real estate business inside out; eschewing traditional offices, training and marketing practices in favor of a modern, technology-driven approach that will pave the way for the entire industry in the 21st Century. The following is a quick list of some of the many reasons that real estate agents are making the leap to eXp Realty. It is no secret that the real estate business is changing…and eXp Realty is leading the charge! Continue reading →

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program Changes the Game

As eXp Realty stands poised to expand into its 14th State in as many months, the buzz around the company has reached a fever pitch. eXp Realty has become known among forward-thinking real estate professionals for offering an unparalleled agent benefits package, including low fees, splits and caps, several comprehensive education programs, cutting edge technology, dynamic websites, phenomenal lead generation, and hands-on social media marketing coaching… Sure, eXp Realty has all of that, but the “secret ingredient” that makes eXp Realty really stand out is its industry-leading revenue share program. Continue reading →

eXp Realty Offers Free Social Media Marketing Coaching

Joining eXp Realty will get you access to our Social Media Marketing program…for FREE!*

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my eXp Realty Premier Social Media Marketing Program. If you’re an agent that understands the turning tide of modern marketing, but don’t quite know how to get started, this program is for you. Similar to the wildly popular and truly excellent Rain Camp seminars, eXp offers all of the same tools and tricks. Plus, I’ll actually help you implement all of them! Continue reading →

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